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Thomas Keller’s “Late Night BLT with Fried Egg and Cheese” (Homemade) | From Away

"I have the extraordinary ability to watch the film “Spanglish,” James L. Brooks’ 2004 tale of a Mexican immigrant mother and daughter who must cope with assimilation into a new culture, set in a wealthy family vacation home in Malibu, inhabited by a neurotic wife, her laid-back, award-winning chef husband, and their precocious children, over and over and over again. I’ll watch it on an airplane. I’ll watch it on a bus. I’ll watch it all in Spanish. I’ll watch it without subtitles. It’s not just the completely natural interest in watching Paz Vega’s expression change that every single man, woman, and child on the planet has, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. No, it’s a little throwaway scene in the middle of the movie, that helps establish Adam Sandler’s character as a chef. He makes himself a late-night snack, designed in real life by Thomas Keller; a sandwich that receives the same adoration from the camera lens as the film’s actors."

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The French Laundry Cookbook

"I think that it’s safe to say that The French Laundry Cookbook changed the way modern cookbooks are written. Unsurprisingly to anyone familiar with Thomas Keller it raised the bar to a new standard, where the recipes accurately reflected both the chef and his restaurant. It wasn’t simplified or dumbed down, it included stories about the place and the purveyors, and it painted a picture of exactly what professional cooking could be if you and your staff were willing to work hard enough. Thomas Keller is perhaps the most venerated American chef in our time, his name is practically synonymous with the idea of finesse, which is appropriate since it is the word that stands as both inspiration and motto in his kitchens. The attention to detail in the recipes is amazing. The French Laundry Cookbook gives you the ability to recreate his dishes if you are willing to follow them to the letter. Any serious professional cook or chef has this book on their shelves. It has become the gold standard in such a way that no other book out there even comes close. Not even the many other excellent books written by Thomas Keller himself. It is equally at home in professional kitchens and in the homes of epicures and enthusiastic home cooks. It has reached that rarefied status of appealing to people across the board and that is because it is a book of substance and beauty. It’s the kind of book we all strive to write because as you flip through the pages you are inspired and educated at the same time. In spite of being published in 1999, the dishes could easily appear on restaurant tables today. Keller’s approach to cooking, to the entire dining experience, will never go out of style because he understands that every detail matters all the way down the line from the purveyor who brings his ingredients to the final farewell as guests walk out the door. A lot of people talk the talk. Here is someone who teaches people how to make it a reality. This book chronicles his food and philosophy for everyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting his restaurants although I guarantee that once you own the book you will be sure to seek out the experience." — IDEAS IN FOOD


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